Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Look at me, mom.

I knew I wouldn't blog even close to daily. Sometimes it sucks to be right.

Caden started baseball and things have started to pick up a little bit around here. Loads has been happening in this tiny, dusty little town.  Except it's opposite day.

Er.  I felt, when I sat down to write tonight, that lots has been happening, but the truth is, I'm just lazy. I've come to terms with it. How lazy does that make me when writing is what I enjoy and I can't be bothered?

Let me see...I  got verification that I get to keep teaching next year, which was a relief. Texas teachers are falling like flies. That's an idiom. I recently taught my 7th graders the difference between idioms and metaphors. I hope they remember that on the TAKS test at the end of April. They wont. But I can hope.

I did have one thing happen to me over the last couple of weeks that was interesting.  I got........SHINGLES.  Yes, shingles. For whatever reason, I thought shingles was scabies and was horrified when I went to the dr and she confirmed that I had the scabies shingles. I immediately envisioned tiny little bugs crawling all over my head (lice?) but she was quick to inform me that it wasn't a "dirty" person disease, just the adult version of chicken pox.  I had a very mild case of shingles....but they were still painful, nonetheless. The rash itself was almost unbearable for a few days but the pain inside my ribs and along my spine was surreal. And this was for a very mild case; I can't imagine being covered with the scabies. I mean shingles.

And apparently, as I've been healthy,the shingles was caused by my immune system being "compromised by stress". I don't feel any more stressed than usual, so I suppose I'm just perpetually stressed. The doctor asked me if I could alleviate any stress in my life so I offered to bring her my kid and my students.

Fun Caden Story:

My parents came up from Houston a few weekends ago, to visit. dad plays steel guitar for a band called Rosehill, and they were playing up in they killed two birds with one stone and threw in a visit to their favorite grandchild. We were driving to the next town over to get some dinner, and Caden was chair dancing, which is what we do when we just wanna dance but are unable to get up and move around. His Mimi is sitting in the back, next to him, giggling as he shouts "LOOK AT ME MOM, I'M SHAKIN' MY BOOTY, SHAKIN' MY BOOOOTY!!"  I catch his eye in the mirror and give a nod of approval and send up a silent prayer that he doesn't turn out flamboyant. Then....he turns it up a notch. LOOK AT ME MOM, I'M SHAKIN' MY PENIS, SHAKIN MY PENIS!"  Mimi stiffles a snort/giggle and averts her eyes and I hide behind my sunglasses. Try not to make a big deal out of it or he'll keep doing it, I think to myself. "MOM. MOM. MOM. MOM LOOK AT ME!" I flick my gaze back in the mirror and see him literally shaking his stuff. With his hand. And dancing. And singing.

Oh lord.