Sunday, November 10, 2013

the weight of you (me)

“It’s when someone else’s happiness depends on me- that’s when I find it hard to breathe.”

that’s what she said. that’s what she wrote. that’s what she sang, drenching every note with who gives a fucks and leave me alones.
in the mirror, smearing the fog away, it was hard to lie to herself. the fear of her happiness depending on someone else- that’s what really kept her at bay.


  1. I think that fear can keep us all from trying sometime... it's sad isn't it... ?

  2. The picture is intriguing, I'm assuming you took it because you take a lot of photos. It's an artsy description of vulgarity and it's rather ensnaring. Haha, sorry. Nice writing too.

  3. RYYYYAN. Hi. Yeah, I took it.

  4. I find it hard to breathe when someone depends on me for happiness, and when I depend on someone for my happiness. I am definitely that girl who likes to run her mouth exclaiming "who gives a fuck"... So that part made me chuckle. This snippet of writing is awesome.