Sunday, July 16, 2017


3 years on
and still,
eating oranges on your porch,
and the slant of the sun off the water

I wonder if you remember,
laughing at the flowers I picked.
(you called them weeds)
but they still sat in water
on your kitchen table

that summer was so hot
the nights, too
especially the first

do you remember?

it’s strange to think about,

that we almost bought a house
I remember, your eyes, when we pulled up the carpet,
and saw the oak,
dusty, but there

and the weight of your hand
on the small of my back

in Discovery Bay, when we met,
that last time,

for a beer.

3 years on, and still

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  1. Just reciprocating the "hey." How's life? It might be hard to catch up here, you can email me at I'm always around.